In the framework of the enthusiasm of Uniway as a national and Egyptian company to encourage and support the Egyptian economy and after the great success that have been achieved in the last period, not only that, After its success also in many sponsorships and charity activities, and successful campaigns to promote sports for young people. Uniway decided to launch a new campaign in support of the Egyptian tourism, especially the internal tourism contribution from Uniway to support and raise the level of the Egyptian economy during the next phase, which is one of the most important tributaries of tourism in addition to the development of skills of young people in several areas. Accordingly, Uniway Launched Support Building Egypt ‘’SBE”دعم بناء مصر.

So Uniway proudly established a few new products and projects, to provide a better services and to Support Building Egypt


Diva Jewellery


In the interest of the company to support industry and activating the energies of youth in Egypt, creating job opportunities and scalability of small factories, Uniways offers a luxurious collection from the best and finest gold.

Diva Jewellery is designed by a very well known Egyptian designers and hand made by talented Egyptian hands that won’t find anywhere other Uniway. Diva jewellery combines in its designs with the latest fashion and luxury, originality and the Egyptian and Arabic theme.


Utravel Points


The first Egyptian online booking system, Utravel Points it is a trusted online booking system powered by Uniway. You can plan your travel by your own in the time you want, with the people you want and to the place that you want to go, you can save too much time.

Utravel has the cheapest price than the other online booking systems with more than 20%, also you have more than 60,000 Hotels in more than 9000 destinations to go.



Kai ... Smart Tablet, Smart Life.


Since Uniway is doing much effort to support the industry field in Egypt, Uniway introduces Kai "Egyptian Tablet", the first android tablet in the world with Retina Display, to help you in finishing your daily tasks instead of laptop. Enjoy watching movies with the best screen quality Full HD, and capture the most beautiful moments through a high resolution back and front cameras, Use all these functions quickly and with high accuracy because of powerful processor “CORTEX A15*4 OCTA CORE”. You can get “Kai” exclusively from Uniway.


VIP Diamond Card


Contribution from the company in the activation of the internal trade movement which is one of the most important incentives for economy, Uniway has provided VIP Diamond Card for it's valuable customers.

VIP Diamond Card is a tailored discount card especially for uniway independent representatives (IRs), it offers 10-50% discount in more than 400 outlets in most of Egypt’s governorates. Hospitals, restaurants, coffee shops, malls, eyewear, clothing and gyms to motivate and encourage the internal trade movement.



ULearn Academy


Uniway established Ulearn Academy to help the youth to improve their skills and to be ready for the real world challenges. Ulearn is an academy for Uniway Independent representatives (IRs), it gives them the privilege to take 5 courses for free at home without doing any effort. and the academy certificate is accredited from ACAC (The American Council for Accredited Certificates).

Ulearn Courses: Body Language course / Critical thinking course / Goal setting & getting things done course / Internet marketing fundamentals course / Developing creativity course


U Vacation


Since Tourism has become one of the most important sectors in the Egyptian economy and since Egypt has many advantages such as its warm weather, its sandy beaches and its culture, Accordingly, Uniway main concern is to encourage tourism in Egypt especially the internal tourism to increase Egypt’s economy and to make people see the beautiful Egypt. As we will launch the vacation offer which is to get a vacation for 3 days/ 2 nights on each product you buy which will encourage the internal tourism which will lead to raising the Egyptian economy and building Egypt



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