With a professional work environment and a highly supportive management structure, Uniway was able in such a short time to become among the top leading network-marketing companies. Such an achievement was very encouraging for multiple businesses to partner with Uniway because of a Win-Win Business model Uniway is keen to provide to ensure long-term partnerships, and to provide better services as a result of such cooperation. “Together everyone can make more”

American Councel for Accredited Certification 

It is an accreditation body for training and coaching methodologies or processes applying Executive Education for the enhancement of people and business.

It was started in the United States in the year 2005 to expand the use of Executive Education in business for the benefit of employees and employers alike.


Direct Marketing Association 

Located in the Uk, this global firm is one of the largest responsible for setting regulations and monitoring the activities of Network Marketing Companies. Uniway is listed within this association. www.dma.org.uk

Zoom Dintal Care

Keep a fresh and healthy look your dental care is vital. Uniways partnership with Zoom Dental Care provides you with the privilege to receive Zoom teeth whitening, 50% discount on any of Zoom Dental services as well as a free check-up.

Eye Subspecialty Center 

To add more value to the health of its IRs Uniway has a partnership agreement with ESC to conduct Lasik Surgery as well as 20% discount on all glasses.


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