Word from Our Chairman

From day one Uniway focuses on its customer, how Uniway’s products should be useful and valuable for them and how Uniway could help customers on their self development “that’s why Uniway established Kaizen Organization”.

Uniway also was focusing on being one of the top companies in e-commerce and network marketing in Egypt and MENA . Now Uniway is ranked number 1 in Egypt and one of the fastest growing companies in MENA .

Partnerships and different products lines helped Uniway to serve all areas on its customer interests “Utravel, Uhealth, Ulearn, electronics, home appliances...etc”. Kaizen Org. is changing people lives and making them helpful to themselves, communities and our country.

Uniway is Targeting to be number 1 in MENA before the end of 2016.

Before the end of 2016 Uniway will launch a new exclusive products and it also works on upgrading its shipping fleet to cover the entire MENA.

“ We don’t use people to build our business; we use our business to build people ”

Dr. Islam Mohammed


Smart Village 1106 St., Building 2401 Wing D, first floor Alexandria Desert
6 Octobar Giza
12566 Egypt