With strong ambition to create difference in both business and social worlds, Uniway penetrated into the multi-level marketing industry by the end of 2013.

A major driver of ambition was Uniway’s founder vibrant vision to establish this business entity capable of impacting the lives of its network members both professionally and on a personal front.

With a member centric vision aiming to nurture its most valuable asset, Uniway significantly invests in its network members to make sure they get all needed support to improve their networks and their personal development.

After all Uniway members are the key driver of market growth and a win-win relationship is necessary between Uniway and its network.

Uniway’s borderless operations and its capability to go beyond local borders and stretch to all corners of the globe was the inspiration behind Uniway’s name.

Vision Establish an ethically based and trusted multi-level marketing business model, aspiring to reestablish the concept and implementation of network marketing in today’s market.

Mission To become the largest Multi-Level Marketing Company in the MENA Region by 2016 while bringing to the global economy competent young businessmen capable of adding great value.

What makes Uniway different than other network marketing companies?

The market suffers from several business models that are solely revenue oriented pouring all efforts into brining in more cash flow. On the contrary, Uniway was established with a different vision in mind. Uniway is keen that each and every one of its IRs are developed and supported to ensure great benefits from becoming a member of this network.

Aside from its IRs, Uniway aspires to add value to the global economy by contributing to different charity events as well as partnering with valuable entities to serve its customers with highly admired packages.


Smart Village 1106 St., Building 2401 Wing D, first floor Alexandria Desert
6 Octobar Giza
12566 Egypt